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Supply chain solutions that break newwen ground

Supply chain solutions that break newwen ground

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Circular sustainability is a necessity of our future society, but to get there, companies face huge logistical challenges. Newwen are leading the change by focusing on total product life cycles and creating real-world answers to every sustainability problem with smarter designs, greener technology and optimised solutions.


At newwen, every tiny aspect of our business is seen through the lens of efficiency and circularity. Making everything recyclable, reusable and moving towards zero waste and 100% sustainable.


Loyalty, truth and transparency are everything to us, it’s why we share all our data with our clients through their private dashboards. Revealing hidden efficiencies to help to create a cleaner world.


We empower clients with the technology, equipment and transparency they need to ensure the sustainable credibility of their logistics, from repair maintenance to handling.


Our vast specialist resource across every market and service comes together to make the unthinkable happen at breathtaking speed. And together with an exceptional global partner network, we push boundaries and possibilities even further.


Efficiency cuts costs and helps to create a cleaner world. Through cooperation with clients, our specialists create efficient, intelligent solutions to the most complex challenges.


As an organisation, we’re focused on the future and the materials and methods that align with our approach of reusability, recyclability and circular product life-cycles.

The newwen

The newwen

An exceptional
work environment
for exeptional people

The delivery of quality comes from our people, and at newwen everyone is given the chance to grow, personally and professionally. Together, we work as a collective to solve the logistical challenges faced by our clients.

Solving logistical
challenges across the globe

Our global network of shipping and suppliers goes well beyond Europe, supporting global businesses from Columbia to Miami, South Africa to New Zealand. Together we make a difference towards a cleaner, healthier environment.

Come and shape the future of logistics.

Making the world of logistics 100% sustainable takes more than just goodwill. It takes great people. With newwen you’ll get everything you need from personal growth to industry-leading benefits. Come and join the family.

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