E-commerce and city logistics
Advanced custom-engineered solutions

Newwen is leading this change to highly streamlined and sustainable logistics, creating all the solutions clients need from AGV racking systems to automated order picking trolleys. We’re a leading partner for many online retailers who need logistics solutions for home delivery services across Europe and the world.

Our specialists work with e-commerce and city logistics companies every day, helping them to modernise their systems, logistics and warehouses for maximum efficiency.

Whatever need you have, we have the expertise and in-house capability to make it a reality at speed and at a highly competitive cost. It could be you need a new efficient warehouse solution for AGV racking systems for order picking, automated order picking trolleys, load carriers, or you need alternatives for one way cardboard solutions to sustainable multi use solutions. We’ll handle it all efficiently and effectively.

Our dependable and trusted partner network is also ready to support our clients. From IoT and Track & Trace to special mobile scanning apps to count, register and identify RTIs – whatever it may be, our specialised and committed team will make it happen.

The expertise you need is ready

Whatever your challenge, Our team will help create the most efficient, sustainable, cost-effective solution.

Our goal is to build sustainable Supply Chains and accelerate the transition to a 100% sustainable society.

Bob IJpelaar

As everything you need is in one place, you can rest assured that no matter what challenge you face, newwen will create a fast and efficient solution.

Everything from one source

From AGV racking systems for order picking to sustainable multi use cardboard solutions, everything arranged, engineered and implemented by our team.

Designed and engineered in-house

Bespoke products are engineered and built from steel, aluminium, recycled plastics, all in-house, for the greatest efficiency and quality.

Partner network

From IoT, Track & Trace, and even special mobile scanning apps to count, register and identify the RTI’s. Our trusted network will have the solutions you need.

City Logistics

We create efficient solutions for small cargo city logistics delivery vehicles. RTI’s are filled in the warehouse and put in the vehicles ready for delivery to clients at home.

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