Repair & maintenance
Trusted to keep your carriers moving

Our maintenance team will take care of everything to keep your cargo moving. Maintenance, repairs and logistics of your load carriers is all expertly handled by our team. They’re always on hand to keep your logistics moving, day after day. Every business is different and our repair and maintenance team will adapt to fit your needs. Fast, professional repair turnarounds, on call.

Our in-house workshop is very well-equipped and ensures that damaged load carriers are replaced and repaired immediately. If you choose a combination of our handling services, distribution services or pool management, everything will be taken care of by us, so your equipment is always ready to use.

Whatever your challenge our team will help create the most efficient, sustainable and cost-effective solution

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Our goal is to build sustainable Supply Chains and accelerate the transition to a 100% sustainable society.

Bob IJpelaar

It’s vital for you to have the right amount of load carriers at all times, so we’ll ensure our total service package has all the parts and expertise ready to go.


We understand it’s vital for your team has sufficient load carriers at all times. With our skilled team and smart inventory of parts, we’ll react quickly.


Through preventative maintenance, we’ll monitor stock and ensure equipment is in good condition to prevent problems from happening.

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