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The Green Deal
will positively affect us all.

There’s no doubt about it, the world must be a cleaner place. And governments have created a plan to get us there: The Green Deal. This is not optional, but a mandatory requirement of businesses in Europe over the coming years.

By 2030 companies all need to have reduced our waste and pollution by 50%. Then by 2050, the waste and pollution must be 0%. This means we need to recycle everything and produce zero waste. This is a monumental challenge. But it’s something we are all responsible for and not something any business can ignore, either socially, or legally.

As leaders in this field, newwen is already supporting clients of every size to create returnable, reusable packaging, greener logistical handling units and sustainable returnable transport items (RTIs). Plus all the changes to processes and Supply Chains that require investment in time, energy and partnerships.

It’s not easy, but it can be done. Together we need to do everything possible to make this world a better and greener place. At its heart are the EU’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals program created in 2015. By partnering together, we’re confident we can achieve a great deal of them.

Our commitments
to sustainability


At newwen, every tiny aspect of our business is seen through the lens of efficiency and circularity. Like carefully choosing materials from suppliers to help us achieve our 100% recycled and reusable policy. Or by integrating environmental demands on our product development. 100% sustainability will very soon be the norm, the quicker we get there, the better for everyone.


Our commitment to sustainability is absolute. Liking having LCAs (Life Cycle Assessment) completed by verified assessment companies for all our high-volume ranges to prove the environmental benefits. We also empower clients with the technology, data and equipment to ensure the credibility of their logistics, from repair maintenance to handling.


Efficiency cuts costs and helps to create a cleaner world. Something we do for clients across the globe. Like boosting load capacity and load carriers by 20%+, leading to less trucks, less miles, less costs and lower environmental impact. Through intelligent cooperation with clients, our specialists create the most efficient solutions to the most complex challenges.


Loyalty, truth and transparency are everything to us, it’s why we share all our data with clients on custom dashboards. Calculation models, contracts, itemised cost breakdown of each product – everything. Such transparency reveals hidden efficiencies, reducing costs and helps create a cleaner world.

Sustainability benefits

A brighter planet

Sustainable Supply Chains need to happen. We call have a responsibility to face the challenge and help solve them. In every aspect of our business we’re proactively creating circularity, to reduce, reuse and ensure 100% recyclability. Smarter designs and intelligent thinking equal a brighter future.

Transport efficiency

Research shows that 16 of the biggest sea freight vessels produce the same pollution as all the cars in the world together. It’s why we instigate multi-modal shipping methods, transporting products by train or manufacturing in Europe instead of Asia. Reducing emissions and costs for clients.

Smarter tech

Challenges breed innovation and data is the key to this. Amongst many other innovations, we develop both passive and active trackers, used right across the world. With data transparency comes greater efficiencies, reductions in waste, less CO2 and better productivity.

Innovative designs

Right now, we have 7.2 million products in use around Europe. All are sustainable, returnable, reusable, nothing we sell is single use. And we never use any materials that conflict with the Green Deal goals that we strive towards.

Reduced CO2

It’s our mission to bring the emissions for our products and services down drastically. By increasing efficiencies in Supply Chains, we greatly reduce environmental impact, CO2 emissions and costs. We also focus on the total product life cycle. From production to transport, from use to re-use.

Better packaging

We’re always on a quest to supply environmentally friendly products or services that replaces the demand for non-green products. Like eliminating the need for millions of single use carboard boxes by creating new reusable boxes made from 100% sustainable materials.

The expertise you need is ready

Whatever your challenge, Our team will help create the most efficient, sustainable, cost-effective solution.

Come and shape the future of logistics.

Making the world of logistics 100% sustainable takes more than just goodwill. It takes great people. With newwen you’ll get everything you need from personal growth to industry-leading benefits. Come and join the family.

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