Innovative, sustainable solutions
to meet all your logistics challenges.

Our focus is the total product life cycle. From Supply Chain analysis to design and production, our industry-leading specialists create sustainable, innovative solutions to solve every logistics and load carrier challenge.

For over 20 years we’ve applied our knowledge and insight to solve our clients challenges in Supply Chain management, logistics and load carrier services in the most sustainable way. Innovative ideas realised in-house at incredible speed.

Supply Chain Analysis
Ensuring every link is as good as the next

With expertise in every major market on continents across the world, our specialists are thought-leaders in Supply Chains and connecting the dots. We’ll work closely with your team to analyse every detail and uncover hidden Supply Chain efficiencies that drastically reduce costs and environmental impact.
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Research & development
Inventive, adaptable and precise

Our specialist R&D team will create flexible solutions that deliver substantial improvements to your Supply Chain. Using intensive research and consultation, every detail will be considered, from size and shape to sustainability and safety needs. Anything goes.
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Engineering and innovation
Developing new ways of working

The specialist knowledge and expertise available from our engineering team is second to none. By partnering with clients and being involved from the very beginning of the design stage, our team can create anything from scratch with precision and speed to meet a client’s needs.
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Production facilities
Engineered and crafted exactly to the design

Our production line is purpose-built to deliver your designs exactly as planned. Efficiency is of the essence but never at the cost of quality. In just a few months, your bespoke load carrier will be ready to work, fully in line with your designs and requirements.
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Internet of Things (IoT)
Valuable data about your world

IoT creates huge opportunities to follow real-time RTI flows, decrease lead-times and costs, optimise productions and offer new possibilities. Newwen allows you to connect to physical assets and collect valuable data about how your world works.
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Technology & automation
Designing and realising advanced solutions

Our engineers can take care of everything, keeping your cargo moving. Maintenance, repairs and logistics of your load carriers is all handled by our team. Our highly specialised team are always on hand to keep your logistics moving day after day.
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Distribution management
Agile, flexible, adaptable support

With a private fleet, large international network of reliable partners, short lines and 100% flexibility, we’ll help your business meet any unexpected order or lack of load carriers. Trust newwen to find a way.
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Handling services
Every detail is taken care of

Newwen handling services takes care of every little detail. We’ll receive the return shipment, check and sort the load carriers, process the admin side of things and ensure the load carriers are stored in the right place. Nothing is missed, everything is expertly coordinated and planned perfectly.
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Pool management
Pool more resources when you need them

Our experts will perfectly coordinate with your international pool managers for maximum flexibility and security. We’ll analyse the year in advance, planning for peak periods so you can rest assured you have the right load carriers at the right time.
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Repair & maintenance
Trusted to keep your carriers moving

Our engineers can take care of everything, keeping your cargo moving. Maintenance, repairs and logistics of your load carriers is all handled by our team. Our highly specialised team are always on hand to keep your logistics moving day after day.
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Technology and automation
Designing and realising advanced solutions

From highly efficient small cargo box solutions for city logistics, to RTIs used in the most advanced automated warehouse systems, our specialists create solutions across the world. Harnessing the power of technology to drive your business forward.
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Our service has everything you need under one roof – a total service package that delivers through innovation, quality and transparency.

In-house expertise

Our internal expertise is as vast as it is flexible – together we can put plans into action at astonishing speeds. We’re also proactive and inventive, creating new solutions to your present and future load carrier and logistics needs.

Global partner network

We have a huge global partner network across engineering, data platforms and ICT hardware, technology & IoT, production and freight. Together we make the unthinkable happen at incredible speeds.

Sustainability leaders

We’re on a mission to supply environmentally friendly products or services that replace the demand for non-green products. Our commitment to multiple use, recycling and circular processes are key to this.


Efficiency is everything in logistics. Greater efficiencies reduce costs and environmental impact. It’s why we design products and warehouse solutions that can provide up to 20%+ load capacity. Sharper thinking, smarter results.

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