Handling services
Every detail is taken care of

Newwen handling services takes care of every little detail. We’ll receive the return shipment, check and sort the load carriers, process the admin side of things and ensure the load carriers are stored in the right place. Nothing is missed, everything is expertly coordinated and planned perfectly.

We’ll tailor every aspect of our service to fit your processes and needs. So we’ll receive, check, sort, store and manage everything. Plus our online portal gives you 24/7 insight into every detail.

This holistic overview of what’s happening is incredibly valuable to our clients, keeping them in full control. At every link in your Supply Chain, we’re here to give you the support you need – convenience, flexibility and efficiency from a source you trust. Everything is arranged in one go so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Whatever your challenge our team will help create the most efficient, sustainable and cost-effective solution

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Our goal is to build sustainable Supply Chains and accelerate the transition to a 100% sustainable society.

Bob IJpelaar

We handle everything. Planning, returns, checking and sorting and we can even extend the scope to repair and maintenance, pool management and distribution services.


Our team will coordinate the planning with your suppliers. Every little detail is arranged and agreed. We receive your returns and handle everything. It’s that easy.


Once the load carriers have been inspected, they’re returned for use. Any extra trolleys go into our storage, saving you valuable space. But rest assured, when you need them, they’ll be there on time.


As soon as unloading is complete, we check and sort the load carriers. Our repair service is ready if needed. All damaged carriers are repaired so you always have equipment ready to roll.

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