Engineering and innovation
Developing new ways of working

The specialist knowledge and expertise available from our engineering team is second to none. By partnering with clients and being involved from the very beginning of the design stage, our team can create anything from scratch with precision and speed to meet a client’s needs. Committed to sustainable, innovative product designs, our engineers team are a one-stop-shop for creating precisely what our clients need using the latest 3D modelling and welding techniques.

It all begins with in-depth requirement interviews to outline the functional needs. From here our team will create the most cost-effective, sustainable, reusable and repairable design possible. Everything is prototyped and assembled in-house. We also have a huge alliance network with partners we trust to deliver on the project needs from sustainable materials to IoT partners.

Perhaps you need a load carrier which can hold more cargo, or it needs to be adaptable or perfectly suit a new e-commerce concept. We’ll develop every last detail and manufacture it. Or maybe the carrier needs to be easy to disassemble and take up significantly less storage space? We’ll handle that too.

Everything is created with full transparency, resulting in the most cost-efficient, precise product in the quickest time period. Something not many companies can offer.

Whatever your challenge our team will help create the most efficient, sustainable and cost-effective solution

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Our goal is to build sustainable Supply Chains and accelerate the transition to a 100% sustainable society.

Bob IJpelaar

Our engineers are involved from the beginning with direct contact available with the client. Such collaboration is vital as most products are being created from scratch in our workshop. Everything is then made in the most cost-effective, scalable, compliant and efficient way.

Design flexibility

Clients have complete freedom to ask for any new features or designs. Or innovative team will make it a reality using sustainable, cost-effective methods and materials.


Communicate between our team and the client is always open, working in a transparent way to achieve the design in the smartest, simplest way.

A one-stop shop

We handle everything our clients need from design and manufacture, to integrating IoT technology – all in-house, all through one point of contact.

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