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Thriving in Sustainability:
The Emergence of Traceable Flower Boxes in the Floral Industry

In the picturesque village of Gowna, Ireland, nestled amidst rolling green hills, lies a hidden gem known as 'the Secret Garden Flowers.' For over a decade and a half, Jolanta Tytmonaite Moore and her team have been crafting exquisite floral arrangements, specializing in weddings for 80 to 90 couples annually. Their dedication to creating unforgettable moments has always been at the heart of their business. Today, we delve into their journey of innovation and sustainability, made possible through their partnership with Hoek flowers.

Eco-Friendly Revolution at 'The Secret Garden Flowers'
The transition to reusable flower boxes from Hoek flowers has been a game-changer for 'the Secret Garden Flowers.' Moore confirms that flower transportation now runs seamlessly, with reliable drivers and minimal issues. Their trust in Hoek flowers as a supplier is unwavering.
The reusable boxes have not only reduced the environmental footprint but also enhanced the customer experience. Moore notes that the boxes are sturdy and visually appealing. The flowers are securely protected and arrive in impeccable condition without any damage—a testament to the strength of these innovative boxes. And the best part? The boxes are moisture-resistant, easy to clean, fold, and stack, simplifying their workflow.
In addition to flower transportation, these boxes have versatile applications. Centerpieces for weddings are safely transported, ensuring the flowers arrive undamaged at their destination. A practical solution that alleviates much stress.

A Commitment to Sustainability
For a renowned florist like 'the Secret Garden Flowers,' aligning with sustainable practices and eco-friendly initiatives is of utmost importance. Moore emphasizes the significance of sustainability not just for their business but for all florists. The reusable boxes are an environmentally friendly choice that reduces waste and saves costs—a fantastic project that aligns with their values.

A Greener Future
Gerben van Duijvenbode and Ruben Hoek, CCO and CEO of Hoek flowers, reveal that the shift to reusable boxes has been met with overwhelmingly positive customer feedback. The transition from single-use cardboard to reusable materials is a step towards environmental consciousness, a responsibility for businesses in 2023. Hoek flowers' decision to switch to reusable boxes was driven by a vision of a more sustainable future. With this move, we were able to take immediate action while making a significant impact, and the results are already evident.

A Transformation Beyond Expectation
Reusable flower boxes have raised the industry standard to a new level. This innovation has yielded impressive results: initial measurements show that these boxes can be reused an average of 20-25 times, with many lasting even longer. This means unprecedented sustainability and a lifespan previously unimaginable. The benefits extend beyond environmental considerations. Thanks to the application of RFID technology, we optimize our logistical processes and achieve significant cost savings, as traditional stickers are no longer needed. This provides a unique selling point for businesses like 'The Secret Garden Flowers.' Customers are excited about Hoek's contribution to the environment, marking a significant step forward in sustainable packaging.

The Visionaries Behind the Innovation
Behind the scenes, CEO Bob IJpelaar of Newwen is the driving force behind this environmentally conscious revolution. He emphasizes the importance of reducing disposable cardboard to achieve sustainable development goals. Our products are equipped with digital technologies that provide a wealth of information, ranging from location data to order information and quantities, resulting in the optimization of both internal and external business processes.
This valuable data is easily accessed through a scan and our own app, which seamlessly integrates with our clients' ERP systems. Furthermore, we offer additional options such as providing data on temperature and humidity. Our reusable boxes can be further customized with features like antistatic and antibacterial properties, making them ideal for automated processing and handling.
Bob proudly emphasizes that the packaging solutions not only offer economic benefits but also make a tangible contribution to a promising future for our planet.
In conclusion, this innovative collaboration between 'the Secret Garden Flowers,' Hoek flowers, and Newwen demonstrates the transformative power of sustainable practices and eco-friendly initiatives. With reusable flower boxes, the future of floral artistry not only flourishes but also becomes greener and more responsible.

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