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"To make our construction logistics more sustainable, Newwen developed a range of modular load carriers for us, which are used as a means of transport to and from the building sites, packaging-free and reusable. Thanks to their modular design, these load carriers can be used for different building materials in order to transport the building materials as efficiently as possible. Our manufacturers store the building materials directly on the load carriers for direct transport, without any packaging, to the building site or HUB.


The load carriers are equipped with GPS trackers so the materials can be traced wherever they are. The benefit is the increased throughput of materials on the building site, the monitoring of the stock on site and the reduction of impact to the environment by using less construction traffic. Our cooperation with Newwen has led to a huge reduction in cardboard waste and made our construction logistics much more efficient. In this way Peinemann can contribute to the Green Deal." - Jan de Boer, Peinemann

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