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How Monta handles e-commerce logistics using Newwen robotized racks

Case: Racking and Robots

Monta is an e-commerce company that offers various logistics and IT services to over 1700 web shops. They operate from 15 warehouses in the Netherlands and handle the fulfilment of online orders worldwide.

The Challenge

Robots complete Monta’s order picking. The Eurotec robots lift the racks with thousands of products and transport them to the packing table. It’s why it’s vital that the racking is robust and safe, not only for the products but for the employees walking around as well. The challenge here was to create a steady rack with maximum weight and storage capacity.

The Solution

After analysing what the needs, newwen proposed developing racking for all the warehouses so that the robots can easily pick them up. Using special centering points technology, the robots are able to lift the maximum weight of the goods on the racks, whilst keeping it balanced. In addition, the racks were made as high as possible so Monta gained vital storage capacity in their 15 warehouses.



The load on a static rack is very different from one that is permanently mounted on a robot. It’s why we needed a little bit of customization to help the robots we use. With the delivery times these days, we have noticed just how incredibly important suppliers like newwen are to us. We can make clear agreements with them and we know that they will be met.

Edwin van der Ham Owner of Monta

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